Groundbreaking Treatment For Alzheimer’s Finally Found in this Junk Food?

UCLA Researchers Stunned By New Evidence

By J. Harrison

UCLA researchers have just released promising results of a recent Alzheimer’s disease study, and now some are even calling it a miracle.

In a clinical test, they were able to treat 90% of patients’ Alzheimer’s symptoms — restoring memory and cognitive function — using a new natural treatment called The ICT Protocol.

The ICT protocol is a completely new way of approaching Alzheimer’s treatment. Surprisingly enough, the discovery of this treatment came from the most unlikely of places — this chewy snack.

Researchers found that by giving patients this yummy snack, combining it with a targeted nutrient “cocktail,” their starving brains were nourished, and Alzheimer’s symptoms reduced.

All without using any prescription drugs.

If you or a loved one are worried about losing your memory, the full details of the ICT Protocol have been published in a new video presentation, so you can start using it immediately.

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